The conference is organized as the closing event of a four years multidisciplinary research project, funded by Fondazione CARIPLO. 

The project combines three different research areas, i.e. strategic decision-making related to sustainability issues, innovation in decision making processes and neurocognitive methodologies and neural studies, to contribute to the development of micro-foundations in strategic management.  In addition, the project aims to advance our knowledge on how to make training and education programs more effective in terms of sustainable and innovative outcomes. Methodologically, the design leverages business simulations, psychometric tests and brain imaging (fMRI) techniques with three different participant profiles: graduate students, managers and entrepreneurs.  

The workshop is organized as a half day event, combining a presentation of the most stimulating project results with selected paper presentations and keynote speeches. The program will be scheduled around the two domains of the study, i.e. innovation and sustainability decisions, both investigated from a neuro-psychological perspective.

The event should be of interest to strategy, innovation, organization, entrepreneurship and neuroscience scholars who work on questions such as: What are the neuro-psychological and behavioral underpinnings of strategic management decisions? Do individual performances in the exploration vs exploitation dilemma depend on continuous learning and/or improvisation, and, if so, how? How does individual decision making change – from a behavioral and neural point of view – depending on prior accumulated experience? Is it possible to develop innovative and sustainable decision-making through specific training interventions?  And, if so, which training/learning processes are more effective than others?

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"A Neuro-Science Perspective on Innovation and Sustainability"

Bocconi University - Milan, 20 June 2014