Funded by a donation from the Invernizzi Foundation, ICRIOS is a research center at Bocconi University created to be a reference point for cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary and collaborative research on innovation, organization, strategy and entrepreneurship, with the explicit objective to influence in a significant way both the academic debate and management practice.
ICRIOS promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing at any stage of the research process, especially among scholars in diverse and complementary fields, based across nations, and working in different research traditions. ICRIOS fellows are selected among recognized experts in their field of study, and their expertise and interest span across several divisions of the Academy of Management.
Leveraging networks of top scholars and international research centers, ICRIOS aims to provide high-impact outcomes in academia. In addition to seeking research breakthroughs, ICRIOS aims to develop novel concepts, proven analytical tools and new perspectives to transform the challenges of an increasingly globalized economic and social context into sustainable growth opportunities for nations and companies.


Call for the application for the award of 1 research grant at ICRIOS
This research grant (12 months, renewable) is financed with funds made available by European Commission for H2020-WIDESPREAD-2020-5 TalTach Project – Project ID: 95241.
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