ICRIOS has a long established working group of fellows and affiliates studying several of the core questions related to the integration of economic, social and environmental sustainability in business organizations.  The Sustainability Group is currently working on and across three research sub-areas: Sustainable Enterprise Model Innovation; Social Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship; Socio-Ecological & Economic System Interdependencies, focusing on strong multi-disciplinary collaboration with other scholars outside the boundaries of the group, and of the University.

The overarching question that characterizes the various streams of research identified regards the antecedents and consequences of the integration of environmental and social sustainability concepts (and related notions of CSR, stakeholder-based view of the firm, sustainable development, etc.) within the standard theoretical treatment and empirical analysis of business conduct and performance.

Researchers within the group come to this question from different angles, ranging from corporate strategy, organizational learning and evolutionary economics to environmental management, business ethics, entrepreneurship and HR management.