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SMS Milan Extension at ICRIOS

SMS Milan Extension

The SMS Extension in Milan will be taking place on Friday September 23rd at 9:00am in the Manfredini Room, Via Sarfatti, 25.

Strategic management research has typically regarded experimental designs as an “additional” methodology of potential interest for the study of the core questions of the field, over and above the “standard” ones focusing on ex-post reconstructions, with primary or secondary data, of organizational events of strategic relevance, their antecedents and their performance consequences.

This conference extension wants to provide the opportunity to consider the broad family of experimental methodologies as a core, and particularly powerful, weapon in the arsenal at our disposal as strategy scholars.  We aim to discuss the attractive features of experimental work, both in the lab and in the field, as well as the challenges ahead of us to make these methods more applicable in strategic management research.  Beyond epistemology, we intend to share and discuss selected examples of high quality experimental designs, both “classics” and current work, to stimulate collective learning and individual interest in approaching, or improving the use of, experimental work in strategy research.

The conference extension will feature panels that discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applying experimental methods (e.g. what can be studied that cannot be studies by other methods?) and well as displaying examples of studies applying experimental methods.

To find out more, click here https://strategicmanagement.net/berlin/extensions/milan#/

















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