Room 4-C4-SR02 (via Rontgen)
25/02/2014 h.16.30
Masatoshi Kato (Kwansei Gakuin University)
"Does diversification matter for survival in a shakeout industry? Lessons from the early motorcycle industry in Japan" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
21/11/2013 h.12.30
Rahul Kapoor (Wharton, University of Pennsylvania)
"Decoding the Adaptability-Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Biopharmaceutical Incumbents Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Roentgen)
18/09/2013 h.13.00
Titolo evento
"Addendum to Engel's Law: The dispersion of household spending and the influence of relative income" read
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