Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
03/11/2016 h.12.30
Constance Helfat (Tuck School of Business)
"Shaping, Searching and Endogenous Selection: The Quest for Superior Performance" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen
05/10/2016 h.12.30
Michael Jacobides (London Business School)
Paradigm Shift or Label Profusion? A critical examination of Ecosystems in Strategy Research read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
26/11/2015 h.12.30
Rocio Bonet (IE Business School)
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
10/11/2015 h.17.30
Michael Russo (University of Oregon)
"Geography, Personal Values, and Hybrid Companies: An Empirical Exploration" read
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06/06/2015 h.11.00
Will Mitchell (Rotman School of Management)
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