Room 4-E4-SR01 (via Rontgen)
13/06/2017 h.12.30
Takahiro Fujimoto (University of Tokyo)
"An architectural analysis of green vehicles — possibilities of technological, architectural and firm diversity" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
24/05/2017 h.17.00
Marcus Wagner (University of Augsburg)
"Organizational Aspects of New Public Environmental Management" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
13/03/2017 h.12.30
Ariel Stern (Harvard Business School)
"Software Growth and Innovation: the Digital Transformation of Medical Technology" read
Room 4-E4-SR03 (via Rontgen)
06/03/2017 h.12.30
Quy Huy (INSEAD Business School)
"Board Influence on Top Managers' Strategy Formulation Process: Cognitive and Emotional Dynamics" read
10/11/2016 h.12.30
Renee Adams (UNSW Business School, Australia)
* joint with the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management read
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